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Supplier and Manufacture

1+ Million

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EB Membership


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Item and custom item

30+ Million

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An Education designed for you to start your own business

E-boss is an online business education platform that focuses on providing opportunities in online business, particularly by teaching the secrets of purchasing directly from Chinese factories. The platform founded in 2019 by Denver Michael, who has five years of experience in import-export methods. E-boss provides a comprehensive platform for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially youth and business starters, to start and develop their businesses either online or offline. The platform offers a range of courses and resources to help individuals learn about e-commerce, marketing, supply chain management, and other essential business skills. One of the key benefits of E-boss is that it provides access to valuable knowledge and expertise on importing directly from Chinese factories. This can be a game-changer for entrepreneurs looking to launch or grow their online businesses, as it can help them source products at a lower cost and with greater control over the quality and supply chain. In addition, E-boss also provides a range of other benefits to its users, such as networking opportunities, access to mentors and industry experts, and support with setting up and managing online stores. Overall, E-boss is a valuable platform for anyone looking to start or grow an online business, particularly in the context of importing products from China. Its comprehensive courses and resources, combined with its focus on community and mentorship, make it an attractive option for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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 Format (Coming soon)

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Live Online Class


4 Hours

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10 chapter

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Bonus Format

Video and Ebook

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My feedback is simple: I am extremely happy and have no regrets.

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Jenetha M

Eboss Membership

Are you struggling with these?

These are some of the most common problems that most our member face.

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Hard to achieve 5-6 figure sales.

They used to blame MCO, but when was the MCO passed there's still not growing.

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No Idea business

The problem is to start a business but having no knowledge/idea and also have no idea which or what product suitable and where to find.

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Packaging not attractive

You already have a product but the problem is your packaging maybe to much cost and also which or where to find the suit cheap packaging that suit your product

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You don't know where's the actualy item factory

Always get a little sales profit from wrong platform, still no idea where item factory is.

Here’s how we’ll help you

Get access to eboss education to know opportunities from this program.

Program starts whenever you ready

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